We offer the chance to buy original and unique cases for DSLR cameras.


CLEANABLE, moldable and cheap

Our cases are made of silicon, a cheap and moldable material which is comfortable to the touch of the client. It is easy to cover your DSLR with a silicon case and they can suit multiple models. It's as easy and comfortable as it sounds; a silicone case for a DSLR camera.

The case also provides protection for the camera, so customers would now have the chance to protect their cameras with style and identity.




personal and unique

Carcasa offers the chance to buy original and unique cases for DSLR cameras. What we guarantee is a way to personalize a item which has always been the same for everybody. We want to leave the boring black behind and allow people to make their cameras more their own. 




make it yours

Our products are specifically designed to our clients needs, adding another dimension to the DSLR camera market. Everyone should have the right to make a camera their own, customizing it according to their personality and style. We want to allow our clients to make their shots even more special and unique. 

Carcasa is the brand that photography lovers who want to put a little piece of themselves into their shots need. We are a company that cares about the demands of this century and knows what its customers want. Carcasa is always looking to the future and renewing its image as a brand as the time change.

We do not just want to sell cases, we want to sell the opportunity to stand out against the rest


Thank you for your interest in Carcasa!

but we have some bad news..

Carcasa does not really exist

We invented the product (and it is registered) because it was something that we had wished for a long time (as many others). There is a gigantic community of photographers with a camera out there that is waiting for a product like this to come along.

We are looking into the posibilities to make it real

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