assisted suicide documentary

"More Than Honest" is a documentary made by a multi-national team of film-makers who are passionate about social issues. We made a trans-European production between Germany and Switzerland and I was proud to work as Editor and Director of Photography. 

Through this documentary, we wanted to explore what is actually behind assisted suicide and all the prejudice and stigma surrounding it. We showed the stories of people who were either considering or experiencing assisted suicide, their families and organisations who support this matter. 

What made this project stand out from the others is the fact that we were the first team of student filmmakers to address this issue on such a big scale - involving different countries, multiple personal stories and expert opinions from physicians and dedicated volunteers from various associations and NGOs. 

The impact of assisted suicide on society was our biggest goal. We began the project because we couldn't remain indifferent to the misconceptions and prejudice surrounding this subject. We believed that the people who find themselves in this delicate situation of contemplating assisted suicide should have one less burden, that of thinking they will be judged and scrutinized by the society.